DZI: The Voice

DZI: The Voice is a blog that focuses on highlighting all artistic mediums that represent a post-modern, forward-thinking aesthetic.

The Voice  Team

Yohance Kyles

Yohance is a published poet and senior news writer for AllHipHop.com. Yohance serves as a music writer, social media manager, and Editor-in-Chief for DZI: The Voice.


Denia Lara

Denia is a studio artist and a student at New York University’s Department of Art History. Denia serves as an art writer for DZI: The Voice.


Daniel Coutain

Daniel is a videographer, filmmaker, screenwriter, & music enthusiast whose www.dcproduction.com has established over 100,000+ video views. Daniel serves as a music writer for DZI: The Voice.


Suki kinyana Lei

Suki is a wardrobe stylist and photographer who has worked with many of the top models and designers  in the fashion industry. Her work has been featured in many magazines, art shows, and runways for New York and Miami’s Fashion week. Suki is a fashion writer for DZI: The Voice.


Ilia Rivera

Ilia is a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology, aspiring author, fashion designer, stylist, and current employee of Barneys New York. Ilia serves as a fashion writer for DZI: The Voice.


Alexandra Genest

Alexandra is a self-published writer and an aspiring author, artist and musician with work in progress. Alexandra serves as an art and literature writer for DZI: The Voice.


Kyle C. Coleman

Kyle C. Coleman is a writer, art historian, graphic designer, sequential art instructor and life-long Fanboy. Kyle has served as an organizer for Cola-Con, South Carolina’s Comics, Hip-Hop & Culture Convention, and he is the creator and principle writer for the Tragic Fanboy blog. Kyle serves as a contributing writer for DZI: The Voice.


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