Photo by Gregg Vigliotti

Are you interested in knowing what the hottest fashion trends for next season will be? Well, unless you have direct access to the major fashion houses, consumers  will most likey have to wait until the latest pieces hit the runway or the rack in order to find out what everyone will be wearing in the coming months. Or if you want to be ahead of the curve you can attend Project New York, the premier fashion trade show that provides an opportunity to network with industry insiders, as well as get a first hand view of the designs and brands that the world will be rocking in 2012 and beyond.

Photo by Michael Donovan

Project is a bi-annual event that is held in Las Vegas and New York City. Described as both a company and a community, Project’s goal is to provide a platform for emerging brands to display their work and connect with established designers, major retailers, and the public. Not only will attendees be able to view clothing from the designers’ collections, but thanks to the Made by Project initiative, brands like Martin Greenfield, Barbour, Oak Street Bootmakers, and Dedegumo will actually create some of their products on the showroom floor.

photo by Michael Donovan

Along with spotlighting fashion brands, Project New York will also give attendees a full interactive experience. Strawer and Smith Inc will host a interior design showroom that will allow guests to read and purchase books focusing on fashion, art, and design from Farameh Media’s The Curated Collection.  A full photo studio with make-up artists and stylists will be set-up by Sandbox Studios so designers and guests can leave the event with professional quality portraits. For those vistors that may want a fresh trim, the East Village’s Blind Barber will be on hand in their pop-up lounge to give haircuts along with complimentary beer. Or if a non-alcoholic beverage is more your taste, Filicori Zecchini’s  espresso and coffee bar will help satisfy your thirst at no cost.

Photo by Michael Donovan


Project New York will be located at 82 Mercer Street and runs from January 16-18.

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