"Happiness is Easy" 2009, Tamara Gayer

Many contemporary artists are multidisciplinary, but Tamara Gayer is a New York-born artist specifically interested in conveying her fascination for geometric urban spaces by exploring both the second and third dimensions. Her new site-specific project, The Final Contraction, is presented by Smack Mellon located in DUMBO, Brooklyn.

“I start my work by drawing places and drawing patterns; places culled from my walks through the city… After a drawing is complete I ‘translate’ it into materials and space”, Gayer says when trying to explain her process in her artist’s statement.

"Chex" 2004, Tamara Gayer

Her work up till now has included drawings, paintings, light boxes, installations, and video which all allow her to express her aptitude in visual art, design, and construction. Her large-scale installations are works of abstract patterning that expand both interiors and exteriors.

One of Tamara Gayer’s favorite materials is vinyl, which she applies to windows to produce a colorful print of the city within the actual cityscape. For The Final Contraction she has reconstructed the given space by covering all 24 windows with self-adhesive vinyl, creating a vivid portrait of the city. It is exhibited alongside the solo shows of Heeseop Yoon and Stephen Sollins.

"52nd Street Perspective (interior)" 2008, Tamara Gayer