For over 35 years, Professional Women Photographers (PWP) has promoted the photographic work of female artists. This year’s show at the .NO Gallery exhibits images by 50 women photographers from around the world, the result of two juried international competitions. Renowned photographer Mary Ellen Mark and Debra Klomp Ching, owner of the KlompChing Gallery of Contemporary Photography in DUMBO, selected the featured images from over 2500 submissions. Let’s take a look at three of the photographers being featured.

"Either Or" from "Me Versus Me" 2011, Carly Zufelt

Carly Zufelt is a multimedia artist from Tucson, Arizona, whose short series “Me Versus Me” poses her body against itself. She becomes two different characters in the same picture, both representations of the artist. Whether stripped down, in make-up and costume, or portraying a man in drag, Zufelt is nearly exclusively the subject of her photographs.

From "Poolside" 2011, Cathrin Schulz

Cathrin Schulz is German photographer interested in capturing the unusual energy of a single moment without staging and using very simple techniques. The image shown is from “Poolside” a series which is part of a long-term project called “Authenti(c)ity of America” documenting her vision of America. All of the photographs are of the same community pool. She explores the change of energy of place meant for recreation and social encounters when it is empty and quite.

"Seeing Things" from "Monsters in the Closets" 2012, Wendy Sacks

Wendy Sacks is not only a photographer, but a Pediatrician whose work with children inspires her imagery. She has been documenting medical cases with photographs since early in her medical career, discovering the beauty of life and death through the lens of her camera. Sacks’ wishes to leave her photographs open to personal interpretation for the viewer to reckon with his or her own spiritual awareness.