What was just a few days ago a plain brick wall on the side of a Chelsea building is now a vibrantly colored mural depicting an iconic American image. Based on the famous 1945 Alfred Eisenstaedt photograph “V-J Day in Times Square”, the mural is a work by the Brazilian street artist Eduardo Kobra.

Kobra, who is known for his community involvement, has spent years working in his hometown of San Paolo, Brazil as part of a project called “Muros da Memoria (Wall of Memories)” which aims to transform dull urban scenery through the beauty of art. “My goal is to give this gift to Sao Paulo, through my work. I believe that it contributes to bring the good old days to the residents and the visitors of the city, and to give a better look to the city” says Kobra. Now the artist is giving the city of New York a gift by using his talents to remind us of victorious times and the splendor of urban life.

Kobra’s mural is quite possibly the artist’s attempt to give something back to NYC after all the city has done for him—graffiti and hip hop music have inspired him since he began practicing his craft as a young teenager. Kobra has an aptitude for capturing the character of the city through its glorious past, so that those who lived during those great times can remember them and those who did not experience them can foresee the potential of great things to come for the city they inhabit. The spectacular massive-scale artwork can be view at 25th and 10th avenue from the High Line Park.