The Dean of the DMV

The Washington, D.C. area has always been known as the home of the funk/Latin fusion sound of Go-Go music. Now one local rapper is looking to make the DMV (D.C., Maryland, Virgina) a major player in the hip hop realm as well. In the summer of 2011, Maryland-born emcee, Bobby Hagens, decided to form a committed team of like-minded people to help shine a light on his gifts as a rapper and the unheralded talent of his region. Along with Gene Edwards and Devin Page, Bobby created the Movado Music Group (MVG). In just over a year, the three childhood friends have already made MVG a brand to keep an eye on.

Earlier this year, Bobby released his debut mixtape My Beautiful Mind. The 15 track free album is a compelling look into the psyche of a young man who has faced serious personal difficulties, but isn’t afraid to confront his heartaches while the world listens in. From Marvin Gaye & Janis Joplin to Mary J. Blige & Eminem, musicians have long used the recording booth as a replacement for the confessional booth. What goes into the microphone as an artist’s pain, comes out of the speakers as beautiful music. Bobby’s willingness to share his intimate self-reflections with his audience is truly the stuff legends are made of.

DZI: The Voice got the opportunity to interview Mr. Hagens, and the up-and-coming emcee touched on losing his father, his definition of love, and what the future holds. Go further into the beautiful mind of the DMV’s Bobby Hagens.