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History is often said to be a living subject. It’s a story of the past that is brought to life through its connection to the present. Artists have always taken a leading role in effectively marrying yesterday with today. Israeli photographer Ori Gersht’s work is continuing that tradition by helping to bring the past to life in his new exhibit, “History Repeating”.

Still From "Will You Dance For Me"; 2011

The 25 piece exhibition is now showing at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts.  By combining photographs, videos, and short films, “History Repeating” incorporates several aspects of modern photography. Gersht’s use of high speed camera technology updates the 18th century still life aesthetic into 21st century digital works of art.

Still From "Big Bang"; 2006

For example, his signature piece, “Big Bang”, is a slow motion video depicting the explosion of a clear vase full of flowers. Is it a meditation on the creation of the universe? Or is it an examination of warfare like the ongoing Israeli-Arab conflict of which Gersht was born into during the 1967 Six Day War? Or is it both? A celebration of fresh life, and a condemnation of unnecessary death.

Still From "Falling Bird"; 2008

These are the type of questions Gersht wants the viewer to explore during his multi-medium exhibit. The show includes other works by the University of Creative Arts (Rochester, England) professor dating back to the early 1990’s. Gersht’s dual-channel film “Will You Dance For Me”, still print “Far Off Mountains and Rivers”, and the LCD video “Falling Bird” will all be among the pieces on display.

Far Off Mountains and Rivers; 2009

“Ori Gersht: History Repeating” will be showing at The Museum of Fine Arts Boston until January 6, 2013

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