While summer movies are typically big blockbusters, fall films while still fun, tend to turn a little more serious. It’s within the batch of movies released during the autumn season where contenders for the following year’s Academy Awards emerge. Potential Oscar contenders being released over the next few months include biopics, classic novel adaptations, and mind-binding epics. And the fun doesn’t end with cool action-packed revenge flicks, time traveling tales, and the return of 007 hitting theatres also. Get ready for the the best looking, most anticipated movies of the season with DZI:The Voice‘s 5-Part Fall Movie Preview Countdown. A breakdown of the first five are below, and be sure to come back all this week for parts 2-5.

25. End of Watch – NOW PLAYING

Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena are a pair of good cops in L.A. who stumble upon a cartel’s stash and become the gang’s target. Apt to safe roles (exceptions: Brokeback Mountain and The Prince of Persia) Gyllenhaal as a cop is a tough sell, but he aces it.

24. Arbitrage – NOW PLAYING

Richard Gere plays a billionaire who has enough money and power to try and get away with homicide when his mistress is killed. Susan Sarandon is his wife, and Tim Roth is the detective on his trail. With this powerhouse of a cast, how could this not be a great film?

23. Argo – (10/12)

Ben Affleck’s latest film in which he stars and directs is based on the true events of the 1979 Iran hostage crisis. Argo is a very serious film from the guy who played Daredevil a decade ago, and the results look like they will be surprisingly good.

22. The Master – NOW PLAYING

Philip Seymour Hoffman and back-on-the scene Joaquin Phoenix star in this 1950’s drama about the spiritual leader “the Master” Lancaster Dodd (Hoffman) and his devotee Freddie (Phoenix). The film looks mesmerizing and Hoffman’s acting is extraordinary.

21. Silver Linings Playbook – (11/21)

This dramedy starring Bradley Cooper looks like it will be the highlight of his career. Cooper’s latest role is the least superficial and most meaty character he’s played thus far. Co-stars Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Tucker, and especially Robert De Niro compliment Cooper nicely.


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