Vishnu: A Man of Many Gifts

Besides being a director and writer, Trinidadian American Vishnu Seesahai, professionally known just as Vishnu, is also an actor, cinematographer, editor, producer, and action choreographer. Vishnu’s presence as a Black horror director in a genre where there are so few is nothing short of huge.  Especially since the few that do exists are fond of horror clichés.

Vishnu’s first feature film, a documentary styled psychological thriller titled The Manifesto, was dubbed by Twisted Pictures (producers of the Saw series) the most disturbing movie they’ve ever seen. His latest film just had a world premiere at the 2012 16th Annual Urbanworld Film Festival in New York City. Candid is a grisly horror movie about a female serial killer and the voyeur who becomes entangled in her murderous web. Feeling he was the right man for the job, Vishnu also plays a main character. The multi-talented virtuoso is also the co-founder of, a HD open source internet video broadcasting platform for the web which boasts the highest video quality and speeds on the internet.

Check out DZI’s exclusive interview with a groundbreaking, new voice in horror filmmaking: