Dancers are athletes of God – Albert Einstein.

Les Twins Flying High

The art of dance is a creative expression that combines improvisation, imagination, athleticism, and God given talent. Currently there is an international dance duo that is illustrating that mixture at the highest level. Identical twin brothers Larry “Ca Baze” Bourgeois and Laurent “Lil Beast” Bourgeois (collectively known as Les Twins) went from YouTube sensations to performing around the globe with superstars like Beyoncé, Missy Elliott, and Big Sean.

Hailing from Sarcelles, France, the self-taught dancers first started their rise to the top as contestants on the French version of America’s Got Talent, Incroyable Talent in 2008. They grabbed the attention of U.S. dance fans when a video of their 2010 performance at the renown street dance competition World of Dance went viral.

Les Twins breakout into the mainstream happened a year later when they were featured during Beyoncé’s now classic 2011 Billboard Music Awards performance. The brothers nearly stole the show during an innovative segment were the audience couldn’t tell if they were watching digital doubles or two actual different dancers. Les Twins went on to join the pop icon at the Glastonbury Festival, the BET Awards, and were heavily featured in Bey’s “Run The World (Girls)” video.

Laurent and Larry were born into a family of dancers. Never having any formal training, they began picking up moves from their older siblings at the age of 2. Now at 24 years of age and standing at 6’4” tall, the Bourgeois boys have virtually created a whole new style of dance that combines lyrical hip hop, glitching, classical, and theatrics. What also makes Les Twins stand out from other dance teams is their innate ability to finish each other freestyle moves. The fluidity and synergy of Ca Baze and Lil Beast’s off -the-cuff performances are almost unearthly. It’s clear that the two have been jelling since the womb, or before.

But even though the brothers are each other’s greatest artistic ally, they are also each other’s greatest rival. Laurent told SXS Dance a year ago, “I just dance to better my twin. I battle my twin on the stage everyday, every time. When I dance the thing I want is to kill my twin brother. And he’ll do the same thing.”

It’s that friendly competitive nature that has led Les Twins to become two of the most sought after dancers in the world. They recently teamed with Jay-Z to be featured in the hip hop mogul’s “That’s Rocawear” video campaign, and this year they had the chance to pay homage to their dance idol when they joined Cirque du Soleil Michael Jackson Immortal World Tour. Look for Les Twins to continue their amazing run in 2013 as they tour the world providing dance workshops, and they’ll sure to be front-and-center when Beyoncé performs at Super Bowl XLVII on February 3rd.

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