Beauty and the Bow; Photo by Samuli Karala

The greatest new chic trend this winter is the wonderful, yet simple bow tie. This old trend has made it’s way back. This eclectic piece of garment has been seen all over magazines and the runway this season. Designers and stylists from Europe to Japan have found ways to include the bow tie into their collections. The once formal accessory has transformed itself into a new funky fresh statement to jazz up any attire. Even the U.S. has placed an incredible creative way to show case the bow tie. 

Strolling through places like Manhattan’s Soho neighborhood and Downtown Brooklyn’s night life, it’s not hard to come across stylish New Yorkers walking the NYC concrete runway with an assortment of bow ties. The once male-only worn attire is now being fashionably displayed by the female gender as well. Creatively shown, basic bow ties are now being paired with a sharp pencil skirt and an amazing pair of sick heels. The simple black bow tie is now transformed into a whole new textile of many colors, textures, and prints. Needless to say, the men are still wearing this accessory very well. Piecing their usual suits with the new colorful and creative bows gives each individual a sense of his or her own style.
Celebs Diane Kruger, Rihanna, & Khloe Kardashian rocking the B-tie look.
Adding the bow tie to an outfit will bring your garment a new chic, creative look. Anyone looking to be on trend this season needs at least one black bow tie in their wardrobe. If you don’t know where to retrieve one you can check out the shelves at Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, and American Apparel.  The common bow tie is just another way of bringing a classic style back.
ties by MARWOOD

Check out this tutorial of how to style your bow tie 15 ways:

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