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Since DZI: The Voice first connected with Fisher Kay back in August of 2012 the teenage rapper’s profile has grown, and he is now garnering serious buzz from online fans. With new followers checking for his next move, Fisher has to keep his base feed with his trademark wicked wordplay and ferocious flow. So it’s understandable why only five months after releasing his last mixtape, Weekends, the Fitchburg Phenom is back with a new collection of tracks in this month’s Jocular Youth.

Fisher agreed to speak with The Voice as the first participant of our new music series “Track Down”. The emcee born Keenan Park provides back stories, inspirations, and lyrical explanations for 5 tracks from Jocular Youth. Discover more about Fisher Kay’s new free album as he breaks it down in his own words.

“Sally” Featuring Ted Creek

Produced by Fisher Kay

Fisher Kay:

Alright so “Sally”, I produced this one. It’s got a sample from the movie The Town from 2010. The sample is this quote where one of the characters tells his friend that he needs his help, he can’t tell him what it is, he can never ask him about it again, and that they’re gonna hurt some people. After a pause, the other character just replies asking what car they’re taking.

Teddy (Kalvin Cavaco) and I love this quote. I love it ’cause it just shows how down those two are. How they’ll do anything for the other. That’s kinda what we were talking about in the song. Our verses are about each other and our friendship.

Lyrics Decoded:

“Haven’t seen him in 7 years, reunited with a knuckle touch”

Teddy and I were childhood friends from football. We were on the same team when we were in 3rd grade. We drifted a part after it though, and him and I didn’t become as close as we were again until 10th grade. [7 years]

“New to Lame Kids, KMC Triple I was shittin’ like an anus”

Teddy wasn’t an original LKC member, but when he joined he made sure to prove himself in the booth.

“Uh, everyday is mine. It’s been that way since 2012, October 9th”

Referencing “Everyday Is Mine” from Weekends which was released on October 9th, 2012.

“This dude’s friends list was like a spot for girls to start lining up”

Kalvin’s Facebook game is stepped the fuck up.

Kalvin "Kalvillain" Cavaco aka Ted Creek

Ted Creek:

“Sally” is a song about me and Keenan’s friendship. Our favorite movie quote is at the beginning of the track. It’s our favorite because its a straight forward quote that symbolizes loyalty and companionship. Keenan is absolutely my best friend. We’d do anything, illicit or not, for each other. Keenan really went in on the track. The beat was catchy, his flow was unreal, and his writing style in the song is straight forward and catchy. Mine, on the other hand, is more symbolic and metaphorical.

Lyrics Decoded:

“Brutus Beefcake, Legendary Knuckle touch/two shoulders on the mat til the ref counts three”

These lines allude to WWE. I love WWE. Brutus Beefcake used to give his fans “knuckle touches” before his matches. Also, my lines metaphorically knock you on the ground long enough for the “ref” to get the three-count.

Most of the lines I don’t feel comfortable explaining because they are more personal to me and Keenan and females might become offended due to preexisting affairs I have had with them, but that is what makes the song so important to me and Keenan. It’s something we can listen to and understand, while other people can enjoy but not know all of the feelings expressed. The song is without a doubt my favorite song me and Keenan have produced. With many more to come.

“Skateboards In The Trunk”

Produced by Fisher Kay

Fisher Kay:

Probably my favorite song that I ever made. It’s produced by me. I love the beat so damn much. Lyrical content includes some more serious subjects; a lot of shit regarding my past. Stuff like depression, feeling like I wasn’t good enough, how I felt like rapping was the only thing I was good at, me getting bullied, my goals to master my craft, and how I’m really a nice kid, I just feel lost sometimes. This one became kind of an LKC anthem of sorts. This was like the 2nd track I recorded for the album.

“Loogie’s Worth”

Produced by Fisher Kay

Fisher Kay:

This track has a story. It was originally supposed to be a crew track titled “The Collective”. We decided against it though and just because of the energy that my verse had, I decided to use it as an intro. I remember recording this verse. I had the homies Helias Brown, Kalvin, Corbs, Elmzly down in the Fish Tank. Nick just showed up and right after he got here, Kalvin was like, “speed the beat up, I can’t write to it.” So, I sped it up which gave it that energy that it has.


Produced by Panama Jak

Fisher Kay:

So, the homie Panama Jak sends me a few beats and I was like, “I fuck with this one.” I recorded the song, and it originally just a long ass verse, but my people were like, “nah, needs a chorus.” So, I added the chorus and everyone loved it. To me, “Tan” is kinda like the Weekends of Jocular Youth. It’s the hit, y’know? I should probably answer this question that I get like a million times a day now. The song is called “Tan” because I wrote it in a tan room. I wrote it on Halloween.

Producer Panama Jak

“Sick Rapper”

Produced by Panama Jak

Fisher Kay:

On some real shit, the beat to this song is beautiful. Panama Jak killed it. I instantly knew the feel of the song and what I was gonna write about from the second I heard the beat. First verse covers stuff like me being a loser, not being able to get girls. But, rapping’s my escape. I can shut the door and be this sick rapper. I talk about LKC and how there’s a lot of us. “S after Lame Kid, bitch we stay plural” meaning that you add an S to Lame Kid making Lame Kids, the plural version. Second verse is pretty much about LKC and the love I have for them. There’s also a sample on this song, it samples “Redemption” by Tupac. We decided to sample it because I actually have the same birthday as Tupac. He’s a huge inspiration to me.

Well yeah, there was a 5 track break down of JY. I personally love the album.

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