At one time music was mostly experienced by the mass public via the radio. But in the Internet Age, it’s video streaming sites that serve as the medium for a global shared experience of compelling tunes.

When you mix technology and talent you can end up with some spectacular moments captured on film. In the final installment of DZI: The Voice‘s “Best Music of 2014 (So Far)” series we present 5 viral videos (with a combined total of over 85 million views) that had us all smiling, singing along, and in one case cringing.

Unavoidable Viral Videos

Amazing Jam Session

16 Million Views

How often do you get to see three strangers cross paths on a sidewalk and create an awesome freestyle jam session. Luckily we live in the era of cell phones video recorders and YouTube, so the entire world was able to experience this display of the uniting power of music. The trio eventually made it to Jimmy Kimmel Live where they performed with Trey Songz, Juicy J and Aloe Blacc.

Brian Williams Raps “Rapper’s Delight”

12 Million Views

If you just saw the title of this video, your first thought would probably be, “Why in the world is the NBC Nightly News anchor rapping anything, let alone a song from 1979?” Turns out it’s just a gag from The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. But thanks to some Emmy-deserving editing, Brian Williams comes off as an honorary member of The Sugar Hill Gang.

Evolution of Hip-Hop Dancing

16 Million Views

Yes, Jimmy Fallon owns this list. The second clip from his late night talk show to make an appearance is another ode to classic Hip Hop – more specifically the culture’s legendary dances and corresponding songs. Fallon even brings along a rapper-turned-a-list actor to assist him in busting some moves. The artist formerly known as The Fresh Prince.

The Lion King Australia

17 Million Views

The Tony-winning Broadway musical The Lion King has become a global phenomenon. Having performed on stages around the world, there weren’t many places the cast had not belted out signature songs like “‘Circle of Life”. So why not join the musical mile high club by breaking out an impromptu, a capella version during a flight from Brisbane to Sydney?

IceJJFish – “On The Floor”

24 Million Views

In the tradition of Rebecca Black’s “Friday” and Double Take’s “Hot Problems,” internet sensation Daniel “Ice JJ Fish” Mcloyd successfully tapped into the public’s obsession with music videos that are so horrible they have to be shared. Whether Fish is in on the joke is still up for debate, but he is clearly having a good time regardless.

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