, founded by Harry Belafonte, is set to release a new album titled Broken Windows. The social justice organization also presents the short film Versus starring Jesse Williams (Grey’s Anatomy) and V. Bozeman (Empire) on the Tidal platform.

“In a world consumed by organized confusion, it’s perfectly natural to feel overwhelmed and unsure. We have to press on with focused energy, creativity, respect and love, not overlooking all that we already possess,” says Williams.

He adds, “One of the ways this piece spoke to me was as a reflection of gender dynamics in society and movement work: men struggling with expectations and resources; Black women leading, nurturing, and strategizing with wisdom beyond their years. These are merely moments, among many. Keep being yourself – take care of you and yours, or hate wins.”

Sankofa co-produced Versus with filmmakers Gerard Bush and Christopher Renz. The message of the movie is “Love Wins Over Hate.”

Versus inherently reflects the unshakeable, historical and infinite bond between black men and black women that’s an integral part of our legacy. Versus shows us our strength during our most vulnerable moments, It inspires us and infuses us with the same optimism that Kendrick Lamar had when he sang ‘We Gone Be Alright’ because we truly are going to be alright!” expresses V. Bozema.

RZA and Parisi provided music for the movie. Songs such as “Stand” featuring Goapele and “No Refuge” will also be part of the Broken Windows album.

Artists such as Nas, Raphael Saadiq, Usher, T.I., Sonia Sanchez and more donated songs and poems. All proceeds from the project are going towards’s work around mass incarceration, systemic violence, income disparity, and immigration.

“In an environment as tumultuous as the one we find ourselves living through at this moment, we are reminded that complacency and indifference in the face of injustice is not only unacceptable, but more importantly un-patriotic,” states Bush + Renz. “We must activate and engage if we are to meet the many challenges facing human rights globally and that requires an honest examination of the inequity, insecurity and anxiety that a vast majority of Americans are currently experiencing within the borders of our own country.”

Broken Windows is scheduled for release on November 16. Versus is available for streaming on Tidal.

Photo via Tidal