On October 20, R&B songstress Jhené Aiko stopped by California’s Baldwin Hills elementary school to visit her favorite teacher, Ms. Joy. The occasion was also used to launch the Trip album creator’s #PennysPen Campaign with the educational non-profit organization Get Schooled.

Aiko’s 8-year-old daughter Namiko joined her at the school. Besides singing for the students, Jhené  spoke about how writing influences her and how important it is in her life.

The #PennysPen Campaign promotes writing and creativity among young people ages 13-21. Participants can submit their written work on GetSchooled.com with top entries becoming eligible for a #PennysPen writing kit. The initiative ends on Friday, October 27.

“Writing poetry has always been a form of therapy for me and has helped me get through difficult situations,” says Aiko. “When no one else understands, our journals can understand.”

Check out photos from Jhené Aiko’s school visit below.

Photos via FYI Brand