Thank You Very Much, the forthcoming concept album from Rock Abraham, is scheduled for release on January 26. The DMV-based artist is handling production for the entire project.

While Rock is taking care of the beats, he called on prominent Hip Hop representatives Blu, Crooked I, and Kool Keith for rap contributions. Ace Ono, Dev Duff, and Jason Rose also made it on the LP.

Listeners will get to experience the witty story of Abruham and his friends partaking in craft beer during a random Saturday. The Thank You Very Much adventure includes tales of betrayal, greed, trauma, and ambition.

Check out the cover/tracklist for Rock Abraham’s Thank You Very Much album and the “Craft Gods” single below.


1. Cicerone [Brewed with Ace Ono]
2. Dank
3. Craft God’s
4. Symbiosis 04:56
5. Green 04:31
6. Have a Brew [Brewed with Dev Duff]
7. Yes [Brewed with Kool Keith]
8. Menace
9. Rugged Music [Brewed with Crooked I, Blu and Jason Rose]
10. Adlez

Photo via Rock Abruham Facebook