From “I Gotcha Back” in August 1994 to “Shadowboxin”/”4th Chamber” in March 1996, Liquid Swords produced singles for well over a year. GZA’s classic 1995 album was able to maintain a lifespan uncommon in today’s rap music landscape.

Universal Music Group is celebrating the Wu-Tang Clan member’s sophomore studio LP with a special vinyl set. “The Singles Collection” is the inaugural release from the company’s “Urban Legends” imprint/online platform.

The package features four 7-inches with artwork and a unique display case. UMG also commissioned visual artist Andrew Hem to create five new paintings inspired by the singles.

Five hundred sets will also include two practice swords autographed by GZA. Those deluxe additions are only available at

Check out Andrew Hem’s paintings and the GZA – Liquid Swords: The Singles Collection tracklist/promo video below.

‘GZA’s – Liquid Swords: The Singles Collection’ Tracklist

SINGLE 1 – “I Gotcha Back”

“I Gotcha Back” (LP Version)
“I Gotcha Back” (LP Instrumental)

SINGLE 2 – “Cold World”

“Cold World” (LP Version)
“Cold World” (RZA Mix, w/ D’Angelo)

SINGLE 3 – “Liquid Swords”

“Liquid Swords” (LP Version)
“Liquid Swords” (LP Instrumental Version)

SINGLE 4 – “Shadowboxin’”

“Shadowboxin’” (LP Version)
“4th Chamber” (LP Version)

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