St. Louis native Nick Hook and Chicago-raised DJ Earl joined forces for 50 Backwoods. The joint album is being released December 8th on Fool’s Gold Records.

Nick and Earl recruited Jacks, Melo-X, and Wiki for the genre-bending project. The LP was recorded in Brooklyn over the course of one week.

Fans can also check out the duo on tour this December. Fool’s Gold is offering exclusive 50 Backwoods cassettes that can be bought at all tour stops as well as the label’s Brooklyn headquarters, online store, and select retailers.

“We always had a vibe, but after [DJ] Rashad passed we ended up getting closer. Carrying on Rashad’s legacy is a part of what we do every day,” says Hook. “Earl had played me a ton of new demos, him singing on stuff for the first time, it was just really inspiring. Somewhere in that time we said, we should try and go on tour, and make a record for the tour.”

The producer continues, “We had no plan, except enjoy every second of it. Wiki came thru, Melo-X came thru and we met the illest emcee from Jamaica named Jacks. Oh yeah and we smoked 50 backwoods in a week.”

Check out Nick Hook & DJ Earl’s 50 Backwoods cover art, tour dates, and “Hook Chop” featuring Wiki below.

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Photo via Biz 3