Director Liu Jian has received positive reviews for his new animated movie Have A Nice Day. After the film was named Best Animation Feature at the 54th Golden Horse Awards, a New York City theatrical release is scheduled for January 26.

The neo-noir follows a humble driver who steals 1 million Yuan from his boss in order to fix his fiancée’s failed plastic surgery. A search for the main character and the stolen money then takes place throughout the Chinese town.

Have A Nice Day is an animation film, but it’s penetrated through and through with the
philosophy of realism,” states Liu Jian. “The film portrays an urban story that takes place on the edges of a southern Chinese city. There are so many uncertainties and possibilities to be imagined in such a dynamic and lively space as the city’s borderlands.”

He continues, “What some might call surrealism is often the reality there, and that is fascinating to me in itself. I love to observe and reflect on how people there are living, thinking, and acting. The cultural landscapes of the city’s edges and the people who live there are one of the main sources and inspirations for my work.”

Check out the trailer for Liu Jian’s Have A Nice Day below.


Photo via Strand Releasing