Adam Parker Smith's "Crush"

Brooklyn based artist Adam Parker Smith has become one of the most compelling craftsmen in the contemporary art world.  His standout work his been showed across the globe including galleries in the United Kingdom, Luxembourg, France, Hong Kong, and the United Arab Emirates. Smith’s installations have fascinated North American art lovers from Montreal to Dayton to Philadelphia to Los Angeles. He has also established a respectable artistic presence in his home base of New York City. The Stux Gallery, C. Juschka Fine Art, Meulensteen, and the Newman Popiashvili Gallery have all housed exhibitions featuring Smith’s creations.

The University of California at Santa Cruz graduate’s dark humor permeates his exhibits. Smith’s innovative use of interactive media explores uncomfortable themes in a light-hearted way, and forces the viewer to experience several different emotions. Pieces like “Thriller 2010”, “Pinned”, and “Sunset Now” are able to simultaneously invoke apprehension, wonder, confusion, and joy. It’s a magical combination that accurately represents both the natural and supernatural components of what it means to be alive.

"Thriller 2010"; movie installation; photographs/wooden platform/speakers/soundtrack from Jaws; 2010

“I mimic the human endeavor to understand the universe through a bizarre confluence of real events, daydreams and preexisting fables,” Smith explains in his artist statement.

While the last two years have seen Smith mature into an important rising voice in the art community, he is not content with just the attention he has already garnered. He is ready to make 2013 a year that puts his name among the greatest visual artists working today. There are already plans for his next solo exhibition to show at LaMontagne Gallery in Boston, and he is taking on the task of curator for a group show at Lu Magnus in New York. Currently, his “9 : 4 : 1” can be viewed at the Storefront Bushwick.

"Pinned"; balloons/inflatable kiddie pool/helium; 2009

"Sunset Now"; colored Plexi-glass/fiberfill/lights; viewer controls speed of sunset with a dimmer switch; 2008

For more info about Adam Parker Smith click it

Adam Parker Smith’s  “9 : 4 : 1” is showing at Storefront Bushwick until February 3, 2013. For more info click it

Storefront Bushwick is located at 16 Wilson Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11237

Check out footage of the mock up of  Smith’s installation “Thriller”:

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