Could grey really be the new black? It definitely looks like it this season. Designers are stepping out to show the unique and chic way to wear your greys. In Europe, designers such as Dolce & Gabbanna, Marni’s Mohair, Gianfranco Ferrè, and Calvin Klein have showcased their new collections at  Milan Men’s Fashion Week this winter. In each of these designers’ collections there were many different shades of grey being displayed on the runway. Every designer took the once known to be dull pigment and created bold contoured creations of garments. Each outfit was perfectly paired with many different prints and color schemes. Designers took the grey concept a whole new direction. Shades of warm, charcoal, silver, slate, and light greys were brought out in the most unique combinations- pairing each attire of grey with plaid, burgundy, browns, yellows, and exotic printed fabrics. Grey never looked so good.

Tailored suits and messenger bags were also a hit factor on the runway. Each contrasting every shade of grey you can think of. On lookers sat and watched as the sweaters, coats, and boots showed each immaculate way to mix and match your greys. A deep variation of the grey scale was surly seen. This color always seems to give an garment a very sophisticated look. Grey is such a diverse and universal color that it also looks great against all shades of skin tones. This season grey is definitely the shade to be seen. Here are some ways to help you pair your greys.


Lighter greys usually look awesome with a darker bottom and a clean fair top. For example, take a pair of dark denim skinny jeans put it together with a light grey cardigan and a pair of fresh kicks. This is  a great outfit for casual days in the office or around town. Lighter greys like silver looks great when it is paired with a dark contrast like burgundy and hunter green.

Darker greys like kohl and smokey grey are well paired with beige and creamed colors. This gives each attire a strong and crisp look. Always remember with these types of greys that you should wear a single piece of color in a garment. Choose a single item to show off your grey like a blazers, leather jackets, or a wicked pair of jeans (too much would over kill an outfit).

Check out video of  the Calvin Klein, Dolce & Gabbana, and Versace Fall/Winter  2013-14 collections from Milan Men’s Fashion Week:

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