Milli Mars - FeatureSan Antonio’s Milli Mars is back with his latest single. After making waves with “The Alarm” and “Nah, Nah“, the WZKD emcee drops the Beenie Man-sampled “Sim Simma” produced by whizKidda. DZI: The Voice hooked up with Milli to talk about the new track. Find out the amusing story that led to “Sim Simma”, Milli’s opinion on No Limit Records founder Master P, and more.

Yohance Kyles: Is “Sim Simma” going to be on a future full length project?

Milli Mars: Just wanted to give the streets something fresh from WZKD. It had been long enough.

YK: Can you give some insight into how the track came together? What inspired the song?

MM: A rhythm and a lot of blunts. One of the girls from the song I was talking about I made out with at a bar when her boyfriend was there, well they had just broke up. So the nigga was present at the time, and he kept offering me drinks. No joke. Well, long story short bam! That’s how I got the chorus. I was skeptical. My producer was like, “nah”, sold that’s the chorus. The rest was just life.

YK: You switched up your flow on this one. Are you experimenting with new styles?

MM: New style is my style. You may hear the same voice, but… damn, I hate to sound like a rapper. This album will be pushing the envelope especially if you’re a WZKD fan. Even if you’re not familiar though it will be a great Hip Hop adventure for us all.

YK: Will you be shooting a video for the song?

MM: Yes, definitely. Video will be out in a few weeks. 

YK: You shout out Master P on the track. Did you grow up a No Limit fan?

MM: Yea G, I’m fuckin’ bout it bout it, haha. Yo, who ain’t? Half these young niggas rapping like P. It disgusts me. Pay homage. Great businessman, dope artist. The man is a leader.

YK: What’s next for Milli Mars and the wiz KIDZ?

MM: You won’t have to ask G. You will be there for the whole ride DZI. We’re just letting God and marijuana be our guides at this point. Just to give you an idea though, G, the sky is the limit.

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