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Keenan “Fisher Kay” Park’s previous works have all had a dark, brooding tone to them, but none have displayed such a literal internal battle between his conflicted alter egos as the new Eugene Sanders. With his latest project Fisher, Keenan, and Eugene all struggle for dominance in the mind of the teenage rapper.

The imagery on Eugene Sanders is extremely unrestrained as Fisher used his music as an outlet to escape a dour state. His purpose for expressing these thoughts on wax can easily be misunderstood, so FK connected with DZI: The Voice to breakdown a few tracks off the mixtape in the latest edition of Track Down.

“Intro” (Skit)

Producer: Fisher Kay

Fisher Kay:

First off, I wanna just talk about the concept of the album. It’s all based around suicide. It’s a big war between all my alter egos. They’re all fighting each other. This doesn’t mean I encourage suicide. I was just going through some shit while making the album. And this is how it came out.

Alright, so this track is Fisher Kay shooting Keenan while he’s rapping “Lame Life”. It’s a symbol for suicide because both the alter egos are actually me. But, it comes in the form of homicide in this track.

“All I Know Is Lame”

Producer: Fisher Kay

Fisher Kay:

This is the finale to the album, it’s pretty much me talking about how Lame Kids Collective has become such an important part of my life. At the end, I commit suicide again. But, this time it’s Eugene killing Fisher in the form of suicide.

“The Brown Effect” (Skit)

Fisher Kay:

Hahahaha, this is just a funny ass skit demonstrating our lives. It’s me and Helias on the phone trying to make plans for the day, and Snorge interrupts because the bathroom’s out of toilet paper. Hahahaha.

LKC: Azoh, Fisher Kay, Helias Brown, Snorge
LKC: Azoh, Fisher Kay, Helias Brown, Snorge

“Menaces” featuring Azoh

Producer: Chris Wheeler

Fisher Kay:

Alright, I fucking love this song just because the day we made it was so awesome. It was just with the squad hanging out at Azoh’s crib. We were both just so in the fucking zone that day. I one took my verse.


Producer: Panama Jak

Fisher Kay:

This track is just like a really big LKC pride song, so I fucking love it. I originally was gonna let Azoh use this beat, but I couldn’t. It was just too dope. I had to use it for myself. I love the first verse, I feel like I killed it. LKC OVER EVERYTHING.

Just for some final words, I made this album when I was in a dark place. And I’m out of now, and I just want people to know that shit does get better with time. Trust me.

Fisher Kay
The Bright Side of Fisher

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