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Fashion designer Franklin Rowe has incorporated the glamour of the 1940’s with modern European design for his latest fashion collection. The graduate of the celebrated LaGuardia High School of Music and Arts and the prestigious Traphagen School of Design will introduce his signature style known as “Klio” for the upcoming season.

“My designs are stylish and practical garments that people can wear throughout their everyday lives. Not just for holiday or red carpet affairs,” stated Rowe. “For me the Klio dress is an evolution in fashion design. This look can be styled in various ways and is quite easy to get in and out of.”

The Klio is an inventive avant-garde open shouldered jumpsuit that attaches a sleeve to the body of the dress from the wrist to the ankle. The former wardrobe stylist for “One Life To Live” plans to apply his Kilo concept to holiday dresses, outerwear, and lingerie in the future.

Fashion Designer Franklin Rowe
Fashion Designer Franklin Rowe

“I really try to apply innovation to my creations because I see too much design copying happening amongst the American fashion designers. What they all are producing ends up looking like the same thing,” added Rowe.

Rowe’s designs have been seen at Ebony Magazine Fashion Fair and in Cosmopolitan Magazine. He has worked with celebrities Taye Diggs, Dionne Warwick, Grace Jones, Queen Latifah, Mary J. Blige, and Omarosa Manigault.

His New York based Franklin Rowe International brand showed during New York Fashion Week Fall 2012 at EMERGE! A Fashion Runway ShowHis creations can be found in boutiques in New York City, Atlanta, and Detroit. Look for Rowe to roll out his full Klio creations this fall.

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Check out a gallery of Franklin Rowe’s designs and video of his collection presented at EMERGE! A Fashion Runway Show 2012 featuring the debut of his Klio design.

photo credit: Macintosh Smith

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