Houston-based couture studio TeKay Designs brought the elegance and regalness of historic monarchs to New York Fashion Week this year. TeKay’s “Queen of the Brides” line of gowns is inspired by noble ladies throughout history.

“Women of royalty are represented from all over the globe through these gowns. Places such as Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. The gowns express cultural themes that resonate with many ethnic groups,” states Kimma Wreh, Fashion Designer and Creative Director for TeKay Designs. “This is why it was important for Queen of the Brides collection to be presented in New York City. New York is a melting pot of cultures and I am proud to present a bridal collection that acknowledges style aesthetics that many cultures have contributed to humanity.”


With each season, new gowns are added to the collection. The four latest looks were fashion representations of Queen Amina of Nigeria, Queen Nzingha Amazon of Matamba West Africa, the Empress Candace of Ethiopia, and Queen Consort Margherita of Italy.

Queen of the Brides was shown as a couture collection during Fashion Week, but TeKay Designs does offer contemporary gowns, accessories, and matching brides maids dresses for sale.

“This spring we are offering specials to brides who order matching bridal party dresses, gown accessories or statement jewelry pieces. We specialize in gown creations for themed weddings, and we have a reputation for creating custom ethnic fashions,” says Wreh. “We believe sharing cultural royalty is a significant way to pass on the legacy and heritage of family.”

TeKay Designs - New York Fashion Week

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Check out pics and video from TeKay Designs’ Queen of the Brides New York Fashion Week show:

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