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Kevin McGee is looking to jump over the competition and secure a hard-earned crown as a member of rap royalty. The first move toward claiming the throne comes in the form of his debut album The Checkers LP.

The 11-track experience is the culmination of McGee’s artistic drive that began when he first started writing rhymes at the age of 13. The Houston-born, San Antonio-bred emcee recruited Peabody, Greg G, Louis G, Pha The Phenom, and Ritchy Flo to handle the production for his premiere project. The album also includes guest appearances from fellow Modern Intellects member Gift and as well as Lee-Lonn and Jennifer Scott.

DZI: The Voice was able to ask McGee about The Checkers LP in an exclusive interview.

The Checkers LP

YK: What inspired the checkers theme for your album?

KM: Checkers represents the beginning stages of our lives where we learn so much about ourselves and even more important we learn so much about this world. Checkers teaches you the basic lessons in life from falling in love, to trusting friends, all the way back to working through family complications.

I believe these are factors in everybody’s life, and my goal with this album is to open the mind of the listener and help them progress through these learning stages. I want them to know anything is possible, and that everything is a stepping stone that only makes you stronger throughout the journey.

YK: How did you connect with Modern Intellects?

KM: Modern Intellects came about as I grew and met the team over the past years. It started with my producer Peabody and myself when we first started making music together about six years ago. We came up with the name and just began working. Soon after we ran into our DJ, Sheednomics, then LD and Gift. We’ve just continued to grow and invite hard-working individuals with the same goals and visions as us into the family.

YK: What’s next for Kevin McGee?

KM: I just released my debut album The Checkers LP about one month ago so now I’m hitting the road and really pushing the music. I have a promotional tour that I’m doing right now to touch a few main cities and talk to websites, radio, blogs, as well as other artists and producers in each city. I’m also setting up shows to get out and perform the music live as well on the road.

The next few months are going to be filled with traveling, meeting new fans, networking, and creating new music. So far we’ve done about four cities, and it’s been amazing. The reception to the album is great, and it’s continuously growing. A lot of great things are happening.

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