After footage of NFL player Ray Rice attacking his then fiancée in an elevator was released this week, the issue of domestic violence became a central point of public discussion. Songstress Ja’Rae Womack recently addressed that serious topic on her track “Sound Of A Woman.”

“This song is dedicated to all those women who have endured emotional, mental and physical abuse,” states Ja’Rae. “I dedicate my life and career to those who have been and are being abused. When will we all stop and pay attention to the “sound of a woman.”

The single was released a few weeks prior to the recent developments involving the Rice family, but Ja’Rae’s tune still serves as a timely female perspective on the pain many women around the world suffer daily at the hands of an abusive partner.

"Sound Of A Woman" Cover Art
“Sound Of A Woman” Cover Art

“The cover for this song depicts the unconditional love between a mother and her child, no matter how scarred they may be. This mother and child were physically abused and burned with acid by the husband and father,” adds the Miami native. “No matter what permanent damages maybe inflicted by our fellow man, it proves that love and forgiveness conquer all.”

J-Mack’s musical lineage suggests she could have the genetic make up to conquer the music business. The singer-songwriter is the great-granddaughter of Sam Cooke and the niece of Bobby Womack. With those two legendary performers as kinsmen and her own budding talent,  Ja’Rae’s upcoming album  New Paradigm may be a must buy in 2015.


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