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Rapper/producer MC Tree is set to release his upcoming musical project Trap Genius. The 29-year-old Chicago rhymer teamed with Mass Appeal to create an accompanying documentary. The 6-minute film features Tree taking a camera into the Chi’s South Shore neighborhood. He captures the thoughts of young men dealing with a rash of violence that consumed the Fourth of July holiday last summer.

Having been raised in Chicago’s notorious Cabrini Green housing projects, Tree has firsthand knowledge of the tough areas of America’s third largest city. He channeled those life experiences into his debut mixtape Sunday School which exhibits his signature “SoulTrap” sound.

“Not only am I in tune with trap music, I come from the trap – born in one of the most notorious projects in the country. People see the more classic music I make, and here I wanted to take it back to the trap,” states Tree. “My prestige as a SoulTrap artist has taken me around the world, but I still have love for the neighborhood and the people I grew up with.”

The Trap Genius documentary is a raw look into the psyche of the young, Black males battling each other in Chitown’s war-torn blocks. With a “kill or be killed” mentality, the subjects of the video represent a broken community that is falling a part due to the disorder taking over large sections of the Windy City. The short film is set in Chicago, but the mindset presented could likely be found in Afghanistan, Gaza, Nigeria, Ukraine, or a number of American cities.

“This documentary is my attempt at clarifying what a trap genius is. Not one who is in the action of trapping or a victim of the trapping, but one who is proficient in the wisdom and understanding of the trap,” Tree adds. “One who can adapt to and penetrate any trap! This is not my trap! I do not know these individuals! So my understanding of the environment in general allows me to maneuver in any trap or trap-like environment.”

mc tree

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