Watsky created visuals for all 18 tracks on his 2016 album x Infinity. This week, he uploaded the video for the “Going Down” record.

An opening disclaimer warns viewers the presentation includes “nudity and sexual content.” Besides the erotic imagery, the song itself covers topics that may still be seen as taboo in some circles.

“I wanted to surprise people halfway through the song,” says Watsky about the “Going Down” record. “So I had a couple [of] opportunities to break down listeners’ defenses. People who were predisposed to agree with me and were already thinking about sexual fluidity may have been annoyed by the first half of the song, which is pretty ‘straight’ ahead, but then had that assumption challenged when I switched gears.”

He continues, “However, people predisposed to a more conventional view of sexuality already had two minutes to laugh at funny punchlines in the simpler half of the song, which I think may have opened them up to more nuanced points later – points they ordinarily may have dismissed if they didn’t feel they could relate to the speaker.”

Check out Watsky’s *NSFW* “Going Down” music video below.

Photo via Watsky Facebook