A writer should have this little voice inside of you saying, “Tell the truth. Reveal a few secrets here.” – Quentin Tarantino
Secrets Revealed

Tarantino’s belief that a writer’s duty to lift the vale of secrecy is one that can be applied to other artforms like painting, music, and even fashion design. This idea of cracking the code of concealment is the stated goal of the urban clothing line Our Secret House. What started as a informational blog has expanded into apparel, all with the purpose of “exposing the truth about the system.” That includes internet stories and designer shirts featuring their perspective on the global financial system, Occupy Wall Street, the Anonymous hacktivist group, and the controversial rumors about the Illuminati.

While a large population may not accept OSH‘s belief that the New World Order is upon us, their artistic vision expressed through their tees and hoodies is undeniably an accurate representation of an online community whose voice grows louder everyday as societal institutions continue to break down across the globe. More importantly, the Our Secret House brand epitomizes the new century activist/revolutionary.
all pics courtesy of facebook.com/oursecrethouse
For the first 5000 years of human civilization, significant and immediate social change was only achieved through violent overthrow or pound the pavement protests of thousands of people. But in the 21st Century, Julian Assange can bring the most powerful governments in the world to their knees with just an internet connection, a 30 minute independent film going viral can start a global youth movement calling for the ouster of little known African warlord Joseph Kony, and a local punk-rock band, Pussy Riot, can shine an international spotlight on Russian political and religious corruption just by sharing their music.
OSHs "Global Peacemakers" Tee
Much in the same way, Our Secret House attempts to draw attention to the unjust actions of the 1% using the World Wide Web and creative artistry; demonstration through connection and fashion. And in the Information Age a small group of perceived powerless individuals really can change the world.
OSHs "YSL (You Should Learn)" Bones Tee
Whether you buy into the theories espoused by the creators of Our Secret House or not, it’s hard not to recognize the brilliance in their design aesthetic and marketing strategy. And there’s no hypocrisy here. All the proceeds from merchandise sales go back into funding their website so they can continue to spread their message of “no religion higher than truth.”
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