Round 3 of DZI: The Voice‘s fall previews highlights movies with some major star power. Tyler Perry, Nicole Kidman, Zac Efron, Don Cheadle, & Denzil Washington will all hit the silver screen over the next couple of months. Add the return of renown director Ang Lee and a comic book character that’s been missing from motion pictures for almost two decades and you have the next five entries on our list of films you may not want to miss.

15. Dredd 3D – NOW PLAYING

This flick based on the comic strip “Judge Dredd” starring Karl Urban looks campy but appealing. 2012’s Dredd is supposedly unconnected to the 1995 Judge Dredd movie starring Sylvester Stallone.

14. The Paperboy – (10/5)

Nicole Kidman pees on Zac Efron in this sexy thriller. Really. Despite that, it’ll be great to see Nicole Kidman back to playing edgier roles.

13. Alex Cross – (10/19)

Will Tyler Perry (aka Madea) be able to pull off being a detective? 2001 was the last year an Alex Cross film based on John Patterson’s popular “Alex Cross” book series was released. Perry will have to have big shoes to fill to measure up to Morgan Freeman, but he surprisingly looks able.

12. Life of Pi – (11/21)

Director Ang Lee’s (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon; Brokeback Mountain) latest film looks like something out of a dream. 3D will definitely be an added bonus when seeing this adaption based on the 2001 novel of the same name.

11. Flight – (11/2)

Two words: Denzel. Washington. You know it’s gonna be good! Robert Zemeckis directs an all-star cast, including Don Cheadle, Melissa Leo, and John Goodman, in this mystery drama with Washington in the main role of a conflicted pilot.

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