As DZI: The Voice breaks into the top ten of our list of 25 movies that are the most anticipated this fall, it’s two huge sequels about vampires and revenge that take center stage. Don’t worry. If you’re not into teenage love stories or globetrotting action movies, we also feature a star-studded martial arts flick, a breakout horror tale, and oh yeah, some film actor named Brad Pitt. And be sure to check back in tomorrow to see which movies made the final five.

10. The Man with the Iron Fists – (11/2)

Rapper-turned-director RZA from the Wutang Clan makes his first feature film with this amazing looking marital arts movie. The cast is on fire: Russell Crowe, Lucy Liu, Jamie Chung, David Bautista and the RZA himself.

9. Killing Them Softly – (11/30)

Brad Pitt, Ray Liotta, James Gandolfini. No more names really need to be added to this crime pic set in New Orleans, Louisiana. The story centers around Pitt’s character investigating a robbery at a poker game sponsored by the mafia.

8. V/H/S – (10/5)

This found-footage horror fest, currently available on Video On Demand, appears to be really, really, really scary. A horrific treat amongst the recycled children/adults possessed by demons horror movies seemingly everywhere.

7. Taken 2 – (10/5)

Liam Neeson is back as Brian Mills! With his ex-wife taken and his daughter running from the bad guys, Mills does what he did in 2008’s Taken; get his family back by any means necessary which means Neeson will be kicking a lot of ass!

6. Twilight Breaking Dawn: Part 2 – (11/16)

The conclusion to the outrageously popular Twilight movies is upon us!Former human Bella (Kristen Stewart), now the vampire she so craved to be, and vampire-husband Edward (Robert Pattison) fight to protect their baby from evil vamps, The Volturi, who want the bundle of joy dead.


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