It’s 7 PM at Reliant Park in Houston, and I know I’m in the right place because I followed the migration of teenagers all dressed in white clothes and costumes to where the thud of electric dance music was resonating. A thick crowd had already accumulated in front of the stage—the source of all the excitement—making it clear their claim to that territory would not be supplanted.

The sun was setting in perfect synchronism with the countdown illuminated on the giant LED screen onstage. It was a mounting freak show of “ravers,” the hippies of the 21st century; people dressed in monstrous masks, towering over everyone on stilts and young women prancing through in sunglasses and lingerie. But within the gates of the venue, if you were wearing anything even remotely ordinary, you were the oddball.

Adrian Lux took the stage as the countdown came to an end and the paint cannons started spraying down the enthused audience with neon colors and thus the world’s largest paint party officially began. The music was phenomenal, the female stage performers were elegant and alluring, surreal but close enough to where you could almost touch them. Adrian Lux did not disappoint, his style complimentary to the stimulating mood of the event, but there was a feeling of anticipation throughout the park that could only be satiated by one thing: Adventure Club.

Everyone screamed as the rising EDM band’s logo flashed onstage. Adventure Club dropped tracks like their popular remix of “Youth by Foxes”, which unanimously became the theme song of the night, fitting perfectly with the name of the tour: Rebirth. Easily the highlight of the evening, Adventure Club kept the paint flowing and the people dancing until the event wrapped up around 11 PM. A thousand painted fans then left the park all smiles and headed for the heavily advertised after party at StereoLive, the previous venue for Life In Color (formerly known as Dayglow).

Founded in Florida and actively painting the world since 2006, Life In Color continues to expand into an experience you always plan to return to year after year, and can’t stop talking about. Keeping true to its name, it is nearly impossible to return home from such a night and not feel spiritually renewed or altered in some way, not to mention the vibrant stains it leaves behind on your skin and attire. Life In Color is more than just a concert, or a paint party, or a rave to put it plainly. It is a well-rounded, interactive and creative experience that has bonded a generation of artists and the people who appreciate them.

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