In DZI: The Voice‘s latest installment of “Track Down” we connected with Virginia emcee Koolaiddbravo. Just this week KAB released his new mixtape Beyond Anyone’s Reach hosted by DJ Shug. The project is further evidence that the teenage rapper’s abilities are well beyond his years. Discover the concepts, inspirations, and lyrical breakdowns for 5 tracks from Beyond Anyone’s Reach as Koolaiddbravo shares his thoughts in his own words.

“Aspect” featuring I.N.F.A.N.T

Produced by L.A. Beatz


The aspects of living has led me to question life/ It has led me into a night with no moon source as a light/depending upon my instincts to guide me throughout this darkness/the righteous findings I’m callin’/ It’s all a part of the crawling.

For the years I’ve been alive I’ve always observed, learned, and formed my own opinions about life. I feel there is much more than what’s seen by the eye which has led to me questioning the world. I have to find the answers I’m seeking on my own with no help. The knowledge that I understand the most is what I will interpret. Gaining this knowledge is all a part of the journey. I used the term crawling, to represent me being a single individual with no assistance that has started from the beginning to form my own way of thinking.

Spikes in the ground as I walk the path that I’m walking/rise to a different chakra as steps were taken to spark this.

Along the way of this journey, I have and will encounter opposing forces, which could be anything from people to emotions, etc., but I will in my best knowledge find a way to deal with it. The steps taken to spark this has been me gaining knowledge of the surroundings I’ve been around for years. Learning how to communicate with people of all kinds to gain further knowledge.

Time is battling titans and minds is battling vicodins/mine is higher from heightening visuals from the lightning

Time is absolute, I say this in regards to the fact that we all are constantly “spending” time no matter what we’re doing. Vicodins being a drug that stimulates the users mind would show that I’m thinking at a level only a tampered mind could comprehend, but my level of thinking is even higher once I began to ponder in the depths of my mind as if a result of a being struck by lightning.

Capricious I.N.F.A.N.T:

On “Aspect” my thoughts were basically focusing on changing the way people thought. In the opening of my verse I say, “black is the new gold so show me your face third eye awake. You ain’t broke you rich as you think”. I want people to understand that you can find happiness anywhere you are by changing your view or “aspect”.

I thought of having a rich and poor society guide my writing being that the poor is treated and looked upon as animals . I decided to address it by saying I bring my kind to your place,” in that designer estate I see that you die in this cage”.My kind being the struggling class of America. The cage being ghettos and projects that most people don’t make it out of.

There is something I also said that I feel majority of people won’t understand unless it’s explained. The line was: “if evolution’s a change, will the that refused remain”. That means so much by its self. To me it basically means change brings rebellion, and rebellion brings injury to people. As an artist I just want to be known for my thoughts about the world.


Produced by Ohbliv

The mindset I had while making this song was that of a 16 year old. It’s just the way I understand the world to be for the youth of the era. I remember when I was a little kid, I looked at how my brothers and their friends behaved, and I see the uncanny resemblance of my age group in this present day. It seems almost inevitable to me. I feel the people we’ve become is highly based off the people who had the most influence on us.

For example, when you were 6, you saw a rapper who wore shirts with flames on them. You thought it was cool so you began to wear shirts with flames on them, and it became a normal occurrence. From that slight observation, it affected your entire style of dress which would eventually affect your personality in some way. This song is a lot about reminiscing on the days of innocence and naivety, and realizing how much things have changed.

Lost in thought

“Garden of Lotus'”

Produced by Bugseed

Face to face with temptation when faced with a J to face

I have all that is necessary to partake. I want to, but at the same time I don’t.

It doesn’t assist the urge to cease and desist and purge the habit from happenin’

The fact that I can does not help my want to not do it.

But adds to the actions of asking yourself/Why?, Was it a lie?/Can you control your life?

It leads me to ask myself if I have control over my actions or not, and how will this feeling affect me.

Or determine to take the terminal/leading to better terms,/to embrace the fern’n as burning fuel

To go on, and find the right conditions to partake, with no worries.

To get lifted/an incredible feeling/at the cost of sanity vanishing/for the high enamored with
The feeling is incredible, and I’d disregard all else to get it once again.

“Shattered Glass”

Produced by Ohbliv

I went on a vision of life trip with this one. Death could come to anyone at any moment. While there are violent acts in the world, it is always a chance of a stray bullet, or random cause of death. But that shouldn’t hinder you from living your life as you wish. While you’re alive, make the most of your time and enjoy it.

Throughout life there will be good times and hard times, but through it all it will make you a stronger person. Living through your trials will allow you to look back, reflect, and appreciate your life. No matter how hard it is, you can always take time and think of ways to better yourself and look to the positive side. 

The hook says, “stay alive and survive, survive to revive, revive so we ride, we ride to the sky.” Saying, while you’re living you can do what you can to affect the world in a positive way and hopefully mold the minds of others to also attempt to create a better place. Life is a journey for its traveler. It will unfold in its own way. For every harsh time, there is also a good time. It will balance out, but it’s up to the traveler to find the balance. The title “Shattered Glass”, in my opinion, means that all the pieces of your life are always there. If the pieces fall, it’s up to you to arrange them to form your own piece once again.


Produced by AyeSilver

Journey. I’m growing to the point of having some comprehension of the world. I understand this is my life, and it will unfold in the way I live it. As long as I live, it will always be my destiny. I’m accepting this, and by doing so, accepting all the challenges that await me. I’ve heard the phrase, “born alone die alone”, I can get a feel of that saying. I believe you will always have yourself, so you must do what’s in your power for as long as you can. It’s a cold world. I believe it. I’ve had a glimpse of it, but have yet to experience it to the fullest. I’m preparing as best as I can, in all ways, for what awaits me in my future.

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