Alicia "Laydee Artiise" Taylor
Alicia “Laydee Artiise” Taylor

Viewing the portfolio of Alicia Taylor is a visual walk through the mind of  24-year-old artisan on the rise. Taylor (aka Laydee Artiise) is a certified photographer who in her short career has already shot Brooklyn rapper Fabolous and the identical twin accessory designer team of Corianna “Coco” and Brianna “Breezy” Dotson.

In 2009, Laydee Artiise founded Artiise Photography. The concept and fashion photography company has worked with models, make up artists and stylists throughout the New York City area. Learn about Taylor’s opinion of photo apps like Instagram, how she knows when she’s gotten “the shot”, and more in DZI: The Voice‘s latest Q&A.

Yohance Kyles: When did you discover your voice as an artist?

Alicia Taylor: A year after high school, I went to school for photography. Even though I always had a love for photography, I never thought I would actually make it a career.

YK: How would you describe your artistic vision?

AT: My artistic vision is unique and definitely more dramatic than most.

YK: What inspired you to start Artiise Photography?

AT: Artiise means 2 artists, hence the double “ii”. When I first decided to go to school for photography, I had a partner. We have since separated, but what it stood for, and still does stand for, is people who have love for art. It was just a name, but after taking a studio class and finding out how much I loved taking photos of people, one of my class mates told me about model mayhem. I shot with a few models and from there Artiise Photography was born.


YK: You shoot both concept and fashion photography. Can you describe the difference? 

AT: Fashion is more focused on designer’s clothing, accessories, or whatever in the shoot they are trying to advertise. Concept is more like an editorial, because you are telling a story with pictures. I feel like most of my work really incorporates both at one time. Concept I enjoy more, because I can tell a story even if I’m telling it with one picture.

YK: In your opinion, how would you describe the relationship between photography and fashion?

AT: That’s ying and yang! Without fashion, photographers that don’t shoot scenery wouldn’t have anything to shoot and designers wouldn’t have a way to showcase their work. Both go hand-in-hand. They need each other.

YK: How do you know when you’ve gotten a “good shot”?

AT: Lol, my friends and models that I always shoot with joke about how when I really like a pose I scream “don’t move I’m going to take two!!!” It’s funny because it’s so true. Usually when I say that, it’s a great picture.

YK: With cell phones and photo apps, everyone acts like a photographer these days. What’s you take on how these new technologies are affecting the art of photography? 

AT: Well yes, everyone is a cell phone photographer now. I do think photography isn’t really appreciated like it was 5 years ago with all the iPads and electronics. Things like film, dark rooms, and printing have become obsolete, but there are still a few people out there who rather have a real portfolio.

I can admit I’m guilty of doing everything digitally myself, but it makes things a bit easier. But I think it’s cool. I love seeing how people see the world. It actually gives me inspiration. I look at things on the bright side. Apps like Instagram give me another place to showcase my work as well as find other talented people to work with. 


YK: What’s the concept behind Artiise Kids?

AT: I love kids! It started from me taking photos of my nephew and his “swag” lol. That’s how I came up with the idea. Kids have such creative minds.

YK: Which type of shoot do you enjoy doing the most – fashion, behind the scenes, commercials, or events? 

AT: Fashion of course!! I love that I can be creative! Doing behind the scenes of someone else’s work isn’t as exciting lol, because I really have no input. I’m just taking photos of what’s there. The good thing about events is meeting new people to do fashion shoots with.

YK: What was it like working at Fabolous’ video shoot?

AT: That was amazing! I was really intimidated before going because at the time I had never worked with a celebrity and my partner couldn’t make it. For the first time I was on my own! But to my surprise when I got there everyone was so nice and welcoming. It was like being at a party, and I got some really good shots.


YK: You’ve also shot trendy designers CoCo & Breezy. Can you talk about that experience?

AT: That was also cool. I was working behind the scenes for a makeup artist at the presentation show. I had lots of fun and met a lot of people that I still work with till this day.

YK: If you could shoot any three people in the world who would it be and why?

AT: Anyone who knows me knows Diandra Forest is the number one! She’s a fashion model, and I love her, lol. Her look is so unique! I’ve had a “photographer’s crush” on her since I first started shooting. 

The second would be Nicki Minaj. Not because she’s this big celebrity, but because I love how different and creative she is. She inspires me to do more out of the box shoots. I don’t really have a third I can think of, but I love Kerry Washington as an actor and she’s gorgeous, so why not!!

YK: What’s next for Laydee Artiise and Artiise Photography?

AT: The next step for me is to continue having my work published in as many magazines as possible and to really develop the business side of Artiise Photography. Now that I have made my love of photography a career, I have to be more than just an artist. I need to become a business women! There is a lot in development that I can’t wait to share with everyone.


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