brianbypattyNew York City resident Brian Einersen has stretched his humorous outlook on life into two separate artistic mediums. The funnyman has grabbed the attention of Village Voice columnist Michael Musto and celebrity blogger Perez Hilton with his Lady Gaga inspired mini-comic Lady Saga sold at Marc Jacobs’ Marc store locations.

Einerson also entertains the public with stand-up comedy performances, and he recently took on visual art with his bottle art collection. His “Etta James Bottle” was featured as a part of the “Motown to Def Jam” art exhibition in Harlem.

DZI: The Voice caught up with Brian for an exclusive interview. Go further into the hilarious mind of Brian Einersen in our latest Q&A.

“Stand Up Straight!”

Yohance Kyles: When did you discover your voice as an artist?

Brian Einersen: This is a good question. I think in 2011. I drew cartoons based on the differences of life in Provincetown. Rich vs. poor. Gay vs. straight. Tan vs. sunburn. 

YK: How did growing up in Westchester influence your comedic outlook?

BE: I grew up watching sitcoms and “Saturday Night Live”. I noticed my uncles were just as funny as the actors on TV. I grew up around comedy in my family. 

YK: You’re a visual artist, cartoonist, and a stand-up comedian. When you’re brainstorming ideas how do you decide which medium you want to explore that particular subject with?

BE: That’s a smart question. I aim to see if an idea can work as a cartoon on paper or a joke on stage. Sometimes, it works both ways. Sometimes, it’s better as a cartoon and not spoken. Visual arts are great. It’s freeing. Anything can be done in the visual arts. Any color. Any fabric. Any drawing. I like to mix them up in my art bottles. I see why “mixed” media exists as an art form.

Sun Came Out!
“Sun Came Out!”

YK: Is there one particular medium you enjoy the most?

BE: I like cartoons. They don’t talk back like certain audience members. Just kidding. I like being alone (sometimes) and cartoons are a good way to spend my time. I become lost in the drawing. The same with my art bottles.

YK: Your original Lady Saga comic book garnered you a lot of attention from numerous publications. What was you reaction when you realized your work was was gaining a lot of media recognition?

BE: I was so surprised! I felt it was my big break. It was fun to be written about and blogged about. My first interview. My first mention on Perez Hilton’s blog. Meeting Michael Musto. He posted both my stand-up and cartoons on his blog. I felt relevant. It’s difficult to be noticed in the arts. I never planned on it. I just met the right person and that made all the difference. His name is Edward Snowden (I’m joking and have no idea where he is). 

YK: Did you ever hear from Lady Gaga or anyone on her team?

BE: No. I didn’t. Some of her fans liked Lady Saga, which was nice. I guess they are on her team of little monsters. I named Lady Saga after Lady Gaga, but it wasn’t about her. Does everything have to be about her? I’m joking. I based Lady Saga on my personal stories and my pop culture observations. I liked that Lady Gaga brought the “Lady” title back to pop culture. Lady Macbeth would be proud or mad. She has a short temper.

"The City That Never Smells"
“The City That Never Smells”

YK: Your book P-Town Humor is a funny take on Cape Cod’s Provincetown. What did your friends from Provincetown think of the book?

BE: They liked it! It was great to see them laugh at the cartoons and give me suggestions while I created the book. My friend, Jane, was the first person to purchase the book and sell it on eBay (joking). It felt great to make a book of my cartoons and share it with friends and tourists. 

YK: What was the inspiration for your bottle art collection?

BE: Chaos. I see chaos around me. I lived with chaos. Chaos is everywhere, even in nature. I thought it would be ironic to contain chaos in containers, specifically Voss water bottles. Their shape is so modern, clean and elegant.

Etta James Bottle

YK: You’ve stated that you “hate money. Making money. Thinking about how to make money”. Was that just sarcasm or do you really have an issue with the idea of wealth?

BE: I forgot I said that. That is scary. You researched me well. Hmmm. I was being sincere. It’s difficult to make money as an artist. I’m grateful when it happens. It’s tough being an artist, especially a live one. Can you imagine all the money dead artists make? They don’t need the money. Or do they? We’ll never know.

YK: Who are some your favorite stand-up comedians?

BE: Kathy Griffin, Tommy Koenig, Johnny Watson. Kathy is so funny. I feel better about life after I watch her. She’s brilliant. Tommy and Johnny have encouraged me to stay with comedy and find my own way. They’re very talented and make me laugh. Johnny once said, “Hot chicks don’t know there’s a recession.” I laughed and drew his statement as a cartoon. People liked it. 

YK: What about classic comics? Which ones are your personal favorites?

BE: Phyllis Diller. She once said, “You know you’re old if they have discontinued your blood type.” Lol. My grandmother is funny and witty. She introduced me to Phyllis Diller. I guess you meant classic comic strips. When I hear the word “comics”, I think of comedians. However, the word refers to comic strips as well. I always liked “The Far Side” by Gary Larson. My cousin introduced me to him. Laugh out loud material. 

YK: You’re a big fan of Madonna. If you could only listen to three Madonna songs from this point on which would you choose?

BE: Wow! That’s a great question. “Vogue”, “Holiday”, and “This Used To Be My Playground”. 

"9 To 5"
“9 To 5”

YK: What’s next for Brian Einersen?

BE: Thank you, Yohance, for this interview. I’m grateful for your interest and time. I plan to write a comedic short story for Tale: NYC. It’s a monthly storytelling show at Three of Cups in the East Village. I plan to see my friend, Jennifer, in “As You Like It”, a play about Shakespeare and Facebook (joking, about the Facebook part). I will continue to post my cartoons on every Sunday. Please check them out. If you would like to be added to my list, please email Thank you!

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