Japanese photograph Yume Cyan has spent the last month turning the bioluminescence of tiny life forms into grand works of art. Shot in the forest around the Nagoya City, Japan, Cyan’s pictures capture each glowing signal of native fireflies as a cinematic story of life’s simplest, and most beautiful form.


Cyan was able to catch each insects’ flash by using the popular digital photography technique of night shooting called long exposure. The photographer lowered the aperture on his camera to allow more light into the lens causing moving light to be “frozen”.

A low aperture also decreases the depth of field for the picture causing some of the objects to be out of focus. This is why there are few defined outlines for the images in Cyan’s pics.


At a glance the photographs resemble a lighted cityscape at night emerging through a darkened woods. Viewers can draw human metaphoric themes such as urbanization and overpopulation from the scenes or just simply appreciate Mother Nature’s wonder at work. It’s a powerful message of simplicity and complexity in the same frame at once.


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Check out therasound‘s “Fire Flies David Ison” video featuring the images of Yume Cyan

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