Dolo - FeatureDolo (Kenneth Wright II) is one half of the Portsmouth, Virginia rap group PairoDiceFlow. Along with Jarelle “Jar-El” Lassiter the duo has been making music for three years, but recently Dolo went solo for his debut mixtape TrillaVeli. The 15-track project was inspired by the late, great Tupac Shakur’s classic 1996 album The Don Killuminati: The Seven Day Theory created under the name Makaveli.

Dolo also uses the work to explore his personal life journey as a 22-year-old artist whose vision of the world can be both dark and enlightening. DZI: The Voice got Dolo to further break down a few tracks off TrillaVeli in our latest installment of Track Down. Travel into the mind of PairoDiceFlow’s Dolo with his concept inspirations and lyrical explanations.

“TrillaVeli Intro”

Produced by The Hipaholics


If a picture’s worth a thousand , in my possession I gotta gang of Van Goghs, Picasso & Michael Angelo’s

Art is a wonderful tool of expression. I feel in my music, my listeners should be able to vividly see in their mind the stories I tell, the thoughts I share, and the visions I paint. My music is more than just rhyming words on paper, they are forms of life, expression, art, my “flawed” masterpieces. The brushstrokes of the painting are what I put down on paper, some rough, some smooth, deep, or curved. The paper is my canvas. And color is added by the message I share, the song concept, the emotion behind it, the delivery, and the word-play. The frame is the beat to hold it all together. So if you press play and really listen to me, you will see my artwork, feel it, and hopefully relate to it.


Produced by Bugseed & Ill.Sug


“Malice” was truly the first track to inspire this entire project. I’ve wanted to do a solo project for awhile but it never came to fruition for many reasons. After stumbling upon the beat, I began to listen to it over and over and low and behold, the words started to flow from my mind down to the paper.

The “gritty” sound embodied a lot of the emotions I’ve had built up within me for awhile. Emotions regarding my progression with music, my thoughts about being over-looked and under-rated, and my not receiving the amount support I thought I deserved from peers and strangers alike.

I beckoned a lot of inspiration from the sounds of Tupac, Joe Budden, Nas, Slaughterhouse, Neako Bailey, and a few other monumental artists. Artist who have taken the rocks thrown against them and deliver them back by riding on a track fueled by their emotions, backed by a mean beat, and deliver in the form of Atomic Bombs.

“Malice”, like its name embodies, was born out of some anger, some irritation, and a mass amount of motivation to really dig deep and not care so much about the image most people expect from me on the microphone, but more on the scars I’ve always had that make me who I am; shrugging off the “nice/shy-guy barrier” that has contained me. A “dark” side. A different, unknown side. A “trill” side. Showcasing the thoughts, views, and plotted methods of execution I’ve had that, until now, I’ve been suppressing from the surface. “Malice” is a summary of TrillaVeli.

“Ambitionz as a Ridah”

Produced by Ear2ThaBeat


“Ambitionz az a Ridah” took awhile to come together. I’ve literally been holding on to this beat for over two years. But it turned out to be one of my favorite and easiest songs to write once the juices started flowing. Timing is everything.

The title itself pays tribute to the great Tupac. This track, to me, was not meant to BE until the right TIME in my life. It needed to be fueled by and composed by real-life situations, which I had not yet experienced or had been able to grasp the importance of back when I first downloaded it in my beats folder. It belongs right here, right now.

The hook to me is pretty solid and is a message I believe is universal to all who are out on their grind. Trials and tribulations will come, nothing truly worth it will come easy to you, therefore you have to grit your teeth and push through the pain to achieve your dreams and goals. You have to believe in yourself and go out, get off the couch, and go get what is yours or what you feel you deserve. Nobody else is going to do it for you. People will speak down on you, will try and shoot your dreams, or will sleep on you and what you are about all together. And when that happens, be their worst nightmare with your success, with conquering what they thought you couldn’t achieve, and staying true to yourself and your ambitions. Your “Ambitionz as a Ridah” for yours. Word to Pac.

“King Tut: Amun-Ra Manifest”


This is one of my favorites from the mixtape. I took a Royce da 5’9 beat and put my own juice on it. Here I wanted to showcase my lyrical talent in a “darker” manner. The name sticks out to me the most. King Tut is probably the most researched and interesting royalty from his era because of his young age at the thrown and his questionable and abrupt death. He is swarmed with attention and curiosity. I took his name (Tutankhaten) which means “Living Image of Amun” or “The Lordly Manifestation of Re/Ra”, and built a concept around it. The track gave me that sort of feel to it. Royalty, possible night right outside the pyramids, hieroglyphics, Trill.

Amu-Ra Manifest, King Tut/Supreme Steez on the Mic, Got dat Re-Up/First and Last King, 91 to Infinity/Royal Highness on a Triple Beam

I see myself as King Tut, being supreme on the throne (the stage/mic), being the first and last of my kind to reign in such a manner. I was born in 1991 and I feel that music NEVER dies. It precedes you and you can still live through it even after your flesh dies. I am your “Royal Highness” on the triple balance beams scale of life’s ups and downs, positives and negatives, setbacks and come-ups. I will find my own balance and stay on top.

“Street-Dreams” featuring Koolaiddbravo

Produced by KLIM Beats


I linked up with a familiar name on DZI, my homie Koolaiddbravo. I first met him at a talent show last year and ever since he’s been down with the crew. “Street-Dreams” is about that moment when your hard work has paid off and you are able to grasp and bask in some of the luxuries of life that have come through from your grind, as well as the dreams you may have in the midst. From material things like clothes, cars, and a fat crib to more personal accomplishments such as rocking out the stage for hundreds of fans.

I’m on a Mission for the Paper-Chase and see my Visions, Cascade through the Spectrum/ Like a Solar Flare through the Stained Glass of a Church/ I reckon multiple shine so much suckas can’t help but Kirk at a Young Preneur, Bendin Corners on his Entre.

Seeing my dreams, goals and visions come to fruition and shine like white light through a spectrum, bending into different colors and variations of happiness, fulfillment, and success is a beautiful sight. It’s like a solar flare (undeniable light/heat blast) coming through stained glass in a church. People may hate or try to diminish your grind but that’s just how it is when you’re acting as an “entrepreneur” architecting your dreams and goals from the ground up and being self-operated as it progresses onwards and upwards through the streets and up to the skies.

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