Dave Grohl - featureThe relationship between the art forms of music and film is far-reaching. Can you imagine movies without musical scores? Or what about a modern world without music videos? The two mediums naturally go together, so DZI: The Voice added the ultimate combination of melody and cinema in our 5-day “Best Music of 2013 (So Far)” series. In this edition 5 music-based documentaries covering unsung artists, a great American genre, musical activists, a legendary recording studio, and a band reunion are placed in the spotlight.

Moving Music Docs

20 Feet From Stardom

20 Feet From Stardom

Director: Morgan Neville

Morgan Neville gives the audience an intimate look at the lives of the unsung back-up singers to music icons. Sheryl Crow, Mick Jagger, Stevie Wonder, and others provide insight about the often nameless voices the have helped bring their music to life.

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Finding The Funk

Finding The Funk

Director: Nelson George

Former Billboard magazine editor Nelson George examines the important contributions to funk music by George Clinton, Sly Stone, Prince, Public Enemy, and more. The Roots drummer Ahmir ‘Questlove’ Thompson plays the role of wingman as he narrates this film homage to one America’s great musical genres.

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Pussy Riot A Punk Prayer

Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer

Directors: Mike Lerner, Maxim Pozdorovkin

Pussy Riot became a worldwide trending topic on Twitter earlier this year after members of the female rock collective/activist group were arrested in Russia for “undermining the moral foundations” of the state. Lerner and Pozdorovkin tell Pussy Riot’s story of facing off against the Russian government and the Orthodox Church in a 90-minute documentary that debuted on HBO.

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Sound City

Sound City

Director: Dave Grohl

Dave Grohl is best known as the former drummer for Nirvana and the lead singer for the Foo Fighters. Grohl has now added film director to his résumé. The rock legend helmed this doc about Sound City Studios, the site where he and the rest of Nirvana recorded their classic album Nevermind. Other Rock & Roll  superstars like Rick Rubin, Trent Reznor, and Lars Ulrich make appearances.

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The Stone Roses

The Stone Roses: Made of Stone

Director: Shane Meadows

The Stone Roses’ 1989 self-titled debut album made them one of the biggest bands in the world, but just five years later the British rockers went on a 16 year hiatus. In 2011, Ian Brown, John Squire, Gary Mounfield, and Alan Wren announced that they were getting back together. Shane Meadows captured footage of the members as they prepped for their reunion tour.

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