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The word “mystic” has several definitions. It can refer to a person who has insight into divine understanding. It can be a description of something that is supernatural or otherworldly. It can also be used as doublespeak for marijuana. Or in the case of the new song by TonyEmcee and RajGhandi, all of the above.

“‘Mystic’ is a collab between me and my producer Rajiv,” says Tony. “It’s basically a mood setter for my fans who like to indulge in the weed smoke me and Rajiv enjoyed while making this dope little joint.”


The ethereal track was recorded in the Brooklyn native’s recently acquired New Jersey studio. “Mystic” is just the opening offering from Tony’s forthcoming weed-themed mixtape The Devil’s Lettuce.

The Devil’s Lettuce project will be a story about me and my favorite vice – marijuana. The good times, the bad times, the times shit gets real and you lose out on a good paying job because you can’t pass the drug test, the times you get high with friends and discuss the universe for hours, or the times you don’t do shit and smoke the whole day away,” explains Tony. “My intent with this project is to give you a lyrical in-depth depiction of what this lifestyle is really about, but also not without a positive underlying theme and resolution.”


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Listen to TonyEmcee and RajGhandi’s “Mystic”:

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