Straight out of Columbus, Ohio comes rising rapper Kayble. The 20-year-old underground emcee, along with his Endangered Originals (EOG) collective, is striving to make a mark in the world of Hip Hop with a spaced out, supernatural sound that is a mix of science fiction cinema and ancient world symbolism.

Drawing inspiration from 1990’s acts like Missy Elliott, Busta Rhymes, and The Pharcyde, Kayble’s drug-induced  music presents a creative storyteller still honing his craft, but determined to give listeners an honest peak inside his curious mind. His latest release is the single “Ghost In The Shell” which borrows its name from the classic Japanese magna and film franchise.

Kayble connected with DZI: The Voice to discuss “Ghost In The Shell”, EOG, and his forthcoming full mixtape.


Yohance Kyles: Your latest single is called “Ghost in the Shell”. Are you a big anime fan? Why did you choose that to be the title of the song?

Kayble: Yeah I’m a huge anime fan since the Dragon Ball Z days. I’ve messed with anime heavy. I heard the beat, and I got a sort of eerie feeling like I was trapped. I started thinking about what if I was already dead and these were just the flashbacks. A few doobies and minutes into the actual anime movie it sort of came together and clicked.

YK: How did the Endangered Originals collective come together?

Kayble: It started with me and Javen and some other people we knew around Ohio. It wasn’t even a music thing. We just wanted to do something different, something for the youth, and then I think Javen coined the name.

YK: What can listeners expect from your upcoming project?

Kayble: Nothing to get play on the radio. I’m bringing something different and edgier. It’ll be good riding music and experience – get you introduced to me and some of the EOG.


To connect with Kayble follow him on Twitter @_Kayble

Stream/download Kayble’s “Ghost In The Shell”:

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