Atlanta-based emcee PRDKT recently dropped his stellar Daylight EP, but P is already on to the next one. His next project is apparently right around the corner, so he’s giving listeners a taste of what to expect with the brand new track “Gone.”

“The song for me really represents relationships in my life. Whether that be with a girl or with close friends,” explains PRDKT. “No matter what stress might be going on, I’m always good. I’m still breathing, I’m still in a good place mentally in my life, it’s always all good. I just have to keep moving in the direction I’m heading even if at certain times that means letting go.”

The die-hard OutKast, Pink Floyd, and The Grateful Dead fan also shot a video for “Gone.” The accompanying visuals display the day in the life of PRDKT.

“The video brings to light a lot of the parts of my life that I’ve experienced lately, so I’ll leave what that means up to everyone else’s interpretation,” says P.


To connect with PRDKT follow him on Twitter @ProductRaps and like his fan page on Facebook.

Check out PRDKT’s video for “Gone”:

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