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A new voice is rising from the Windy City. Daryn Alexus is originally from the Washington, DC area, but the Pop/R&B performer is now building a buzz in Chicago. Part of that musical presentation includes Alexus’ latest project – the GREEN EP.

GREEN is about choosing to be free – free from labels, from expectations, from doubt, from the influence of others,” says Daryn. “It came from a place of releasing everything I’ve held on to and the start of my journey towards freedom, joy, and inspiration.”

All 13-tracks on GREEN were written by Alexus and produced by the Chi’s Dee Lilly. Fellow Chicagoan Nick Astro’s rhymes are featured on “Me & You” and “International Lovers.” Sam Trump, Austin Farris, and Carlton Sellers also appear as featured instrumentalists.

And why has Daryn embraced that particular hue to represent her work? As she explains, the blend of blue and yellow creates a radiant vibration reflective of her world view.

“I chose the title GREEN because of the positive and liberating energy the color exudes,” explains Alexus. “I am in a very green creative space not only in music but in my life as well. GREEN represents self-expression, freedom from judgment, creativity, and an all-around positive outlook on life.”


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To connect with Daryn follow her on Twitter @DARYNALEXUS and Instagram @darynalexus

Check out Daryn Alexus’ Green EP:

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