Fisher Kay

The Fitchburg Phenom returns with his latest mixtape. Fisher Kay’s new 11-track project Maverick presents the rapper’s brilliantly twisted mindset. He recruits Nano and Zavian to add their vocals to songs on the Massachusetts native’s chilling collection.

Maverick was about being different and setting myself apart,” says Fisher. “It was definitely a fun album to record. I remember recording ‘Old Style ‘with Zavian. It came so naturally.”

"Maverick" Back Cover
“Maverick” Back Cover

Unlike his previous tape Adolessons, the young rhymer reached out to several board masters for Maverick‘s productionFrequent collaborator Chill is back to handle the instrumentals, but FK also gets help from O-Jee Beatmaker, Nocke Productions, Zoomo, and LoveAndBalance. Fish lays done the track for “Necklace” as well.

“My favorite tracks would have to be ‘Disidente’, ‘Neglection’, ‘Reset’ and ‘White Dove’,” states Fisher.


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